12 Ridiculously Stupid Sex Questions People Actually Asked on Yahoo! Answers

We have been hanging out all summer, two months now , and we’re really into each other. We were very casual for a long time, and hung out a couple times per week. We had sex, and then we had sex again the other night. I really do have strong feelings for him, but I don’t want to sleep with him again until we’re “official”. If I say this to him, how will he most likely take it? The best relationships have a strong foundational friendship. You’ve been casually hanging out all summer– that sounds like you’ve grown to have a good friendship. Thats good! Sounds like how my guy and I started dating

8 Smart AF Ways To Make Him Last Longer In Bed

Why should he want you for a “girlfriend”, luv? He’s getting exactly what he wants from you right now. I’m sorry, hon In general I’d say to ask him what he’s looking for right now.

Before you freak, let us explain. To prep for sex (we’re mostly talking penis-​vagina intercourse here), your body needs a warm-up phase of.

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14 Things No One Tells You About Losing Your Virginity But You Need to Know

There are SO many different reactions you could have, both emotional and physical, to having sex for the first time, all of which are completely normal. As long as you use protection and are percent sure you’re ready, you’re in a good place. To be even more prepared, though, keep reading to find out things that no one tells you about losing your virginity. If you’re thinking of having sex or if you’ve already started, you’ll want to start talking to your doctor about it.

I know, I know: It’s going to feel so weird to talk to an adult about sex. But, trust me, they hear about sex and vaginas all day, every day, so nothing will be a shock to them.

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Sex before the official relationship?

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. It’s perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy unless your doctor or midwife has told you not to. Having sex will not hurt your baby. Your partner’s penis can’t penetrate beyond your vagina, and the baby cannot tell what’s going on. However, it’s normal for your sex drive to change during pregnancy.

Sounds like how my guy and I started dating we started dating may of last year and it was more like casually hanging out more than anything.

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Yahoo! Answers

With Americans staying single longer than ever and singles outnumbering their married counterparts , there really is no norm nowadays when it comes to the timing of sleeping with new partners. But what leads couples to hit the sheets at any given moment in their relationship? And how does that timing affect their bond? To get a better idea, we asked women in long-term relationships to divulge how quickly they had sex with their significant others. I mean, it was kind of awkward, but the first time always is, so I don’t think I would have changed anything.

We were on a rooftop stargazing while on spring break and the air was really crisp, but he was so warm.

She’d had sex before, but because of her religious beliefs, had since been about this, but the first few autofill results on both Google and Yahoo! Ultimately​, Jessica told the guy she was dating about her own history.

Arriving early on a date is a promising, positive sign that most would appreciate in a partner. But when that date is happening in the bedroom at sex o’clock, that’s the last thing you want. Whether he finishes quickly on occasion after, say, a long week apart or does so Every. Time, you’re not a bad person for wanting to help him last longer in bed. So, if your partner is in that range, they technically have a normal capacity for P-in-the-V sex.

Luckily, it’s one that can be addressed. Since you probably want to take care of this problem, like, now, I won’t hold you up any longer. Here’s exactly what you can do to help your guy last longer in bed, so you can both reach the finish line.

Sex on the 1st date? Does he respect u?

You can wait longer if you like–you should do this when you feel it’s right. You need to have sex before it turns into an issue, and you certainly don’t want it to turn into a tool, a test, a game, or a reward. So, wait as long as you need to be comfortable, but don’t keep waiting after you see that you are good together. Once you are convinced you could be a great couple, it’s time to bring this kind of intimacy into the relationship so you can really get to know each other.

Yahoo! Answers. Website review by. Conny Coon, Common Sense Media. Yahoo! Stay up to date on new reviews. But those few who choose to ask or answer dubious questions about sex, drugs, or violent behaviors turn this site into a.

Jessica, a year-old who lives in Mississippi, was dating a guy recently when the subject of sexual history came up. Jessica said she immediately felt nervous. She’d had sex before, but because of her religious beliefs, had since been abstaining from sex. Sometimes it feels like it’s ok for guys to do whatever, but if a girl says, no I’m not a virgin , we’re looked at with more shame.

That internalized shame is something that a lot of young women unfortunately experience — regardless of religious background. And Jessica’s right that men and women are treated differently when it comes to sexual history. If it’s not extremely visible in popular culture, countless studies document a sexual double standard. Heterosexual men are generally rewarded for having a higher number of sexual partners, while women are stigmatized for the same thing.

So it makes a lot of sense that women are concerned, like Jessica was, about having to tell a new sexual partner whether or not they’ve had sex before. It’s hard to know exactly how many women feel anxious about this, but the first few autofill results on both Google and Yahoo! Answers indicate that concern about revealing sexual history is common.

And of course it is, because combined with the pervasive double standard that says guys will only like you if you’re a pure, virginal angel who’s never had sex before is the myth that whether or not you bleed after sex will give your sexual history away. To ease any of those concerns: It’s largely untrue that every woman bleeds after first-time sex.

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I had sex with a man on the first date but it wasnt my intentions and that was the first time i had ever done that. Im 28 and he is a couple yrs older. We had dinner and he started kissing me in the parking lot and holding me. He turned my head saying I dont this on the first date.

Feeling pressured to have sex in a dating relationship is common, but not Before you start talking to a guy or girl, make sure you know what you believe and.

And guys are also pressured to have sex with their girlfriends. In the end, some bargain away their bodies in their attempt to keep the relationship going. But in the process, they lose their self-respect and gain the very real possibility of unwanted pregnancy, diseases, rape, bad reputation, and of course, a broken heart. Becca has learned this the hard way, I was recently violated by a guy who I thought was a really great guy, but then he started pressuring me and now I hate him for it.

If you are being pressured to have sex, realize this is a huge red flag. Below are four thoughtful responses to the pressure- both to realize for yourself and to explain to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you want to be a person who waits until they are married to have sex? Are you aware of the power sex has to arouse deep emotions?

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