Rudaw – Kurdistan Region’s airports not ready for international flights: interior minister

This study brings to the fore reflections on the power relations that cross the struggle carried out by these women, who, for their part, are crossed by the intersection of gender, ethnicity and class, which feeds and composes the critical praxis of this organised struggle. The presence of the female figure in a political context of armed conflict endows these women with the role of challenging the boundaries on which the foundational elements of international politics rely, namely, the boundary between public and private spheres and gender roles played socially and politically. Many magazine and newspaper articles that address the struggle waged by Kurdish women taking up arms to fight the terrorist group Daesh, in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria DFNS , are marked by power relations underlying gender differences. Moreover, the challenges imposed when their female bodies are in these places of confrontation are deliberately left behind. This kind of media coverage 1 brings out the astonishment common to a certain negotiation with the East Said , as long as it is the women from this part of the world who dare to engage in such a masculine activity, namely, militarism. Thereby, it also challenges the hegemonic social constructions of masculinity and femininity, the boundary between public and private spheres, and the sexual division implied in it, as well as the militarised character of politics. All of these are constitutive elements of the modern imaginary of political community. The theoretical framework used in this article has intersectional feminism as a point of departure, referring to authors such as Patricia Hill Collins and Nira Yuval-Davis, who write on the power structures that sustain social divisions related to gender, race and class. Furthermore, the discussion relies upon readings from feminists such as Carole Pateman, Wendy Brown and Cynthia Enloe on the implications of the role played out by women as disruptive actors on the foundational boundaries of international politics. Such inquiry is motivated by theoretical questions connected to intersectionality and critical approaches to national phenomena, as mentioned earlier.

COVID-19, Gender and Cyber Violence in the Kurdistan Region

In the last few weeks and in the context of the COVID lockdown, media outlets around the world have reported an increase in domestic violence, violence against women and cyber violence. While UN agencies, the EU and some governments have warned against domestic violence and proposed measures to prevent and protect victims, little has been done in relation to cyber violence. Disease outbreaks affect men and women differently and it is important to identify the extent and the nature of gendered impacts on physical, emotional and psychological health on individuals and communities.

Mainstream media recently highlighted that during the lockdown domestic and gender-based violence has increased across the world. The situation is even more alarming in war-torn countries, in poor areas and among isolated groups, such as within communities of asylum seekers, migrants and refugees. At this stage of the outbreak, it is difficult to conduct field work and produce evidence-based data on the extent, internal dynamics and the nature of gender-based violence GBV practised against girls and women in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq KRI , called KR hereafter.

Iraqi Kurdistan’s archaeological hotspots revived, but vulnerable. Published online 23 November Political uncertainty, protracted economic crisis and rapid.

Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio’s travel planner. There is widespread community transmission globally. Some travel restrictions are being lifted in Nepal. For the latest travel status, please check the official page for Nepal. For travel planning advice, please refer to our Rome2rio Coronavirus information page. For the latest travel status, we recommend checking the official page for Nepal. Most travel to this country is restricted.

Restrictions may also be in place for other modes of transport. More details. There is no direct flight from Erbil Airport to Kathmandu Airport. The quickest flight takes 10h 50m and has one stopover.

Iraq’s Kurdistan region to defer oil payments, says Genel

The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the Root Zone on 18 July, As such, the TLD aims to establish a dedicated, open namespace that represents Kurdish people within Kurdistan and internationally, and offers a new and innovative approach for internet users globally to engage with the people of Kurdistan. The applicant for the. As such, the. As such, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will be given an opportunity to foster cross-cultural integration and understanding of this region and its people.

Posted: 7 Aug ; Closing date: 15 Aug WORK CONTEXT. Cesvi is working in the Kurdish Region of Iraq since , focusing on the sectors of Cesvi activities in Iraqi Kurdistan (KRI) and develop Cesvi’s presence in the Country. Learn more about ReliefWeb, leading online source for reliable and timely.

Published online 23 November Political uncertainty, protracted economic crisis and rapid development pose challenges to heritage conservation in the archaeologically rich Kurdish region of Iraq. Significant archaeological discoveries still occur regularly in the Kurdish region, an area that was largely unexplored and inaccessible into the mids due to wars, international sanctions and inter-Kurdish strife. Over the last decade, however, increased stability has allowed a resurgence of archaeological research, and such discoveries have been garnering the attention of both peers and the public.

Now, nearly every period, from Palaeolithic to late Ottoman is being explored through at least 12 survey projects and over 50 excavation projects are currently underway across the region, according to Jason Ur, a Harvard archaeologist working on the Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey since Of all of greater Mesopotamia, the Kurdistan Region has the highest density of recovered sites — nearly one per square kilometre. By comparison, archaeological surveys from southern Iraq recovered on average one site per five to ten square kilometers, while in Syria and Turkey one site was recovered every two square kilometres, says Ur.

Professor and archaeologist, David Wengrow, of University College London UCL says the archaeology of the Kurdistan Region is crucial to understanding the development of societies in the greater area. Wengrow co-directs Gurga Chiya, a project in the Shahrizor Valley between the cities of Halabja and Sulaymaniyah, which explores the key phase of world history between the origins of farming and the origins of cities. In practical terms, Wengrow says, this had a very negative effect.

The unpredictable situation in the post-referendum Kurdistan Region, according to several international researchers, underscores the importance of local archaeologists being able to continue research projects independently of international teams. Since , IICAH has trained 50 antiquities specialists from across the country in conservation, architectural preservation and archaeology, through collaborations with international institutes, such as the Smithsonian Institute and the Universities of Delaware and Arizona.

UAE sends medical supplies to Iraq’s Kurdistan

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. The final, peer-reviewed published version of this preprint can be found here:. Gardner M. J Med Internet Res ;22 5 :e DOI: PMID:

the Eastern Kurds. The Kurds are often the main target of the Iranian state’s military operati Full access. Views. 1. CrossRef citations to date. 9.

Publisher Author. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq KRI has generally lacked the security incidents common throughout the country since What explains these increasingly overt signs of volatility? The post political order in the KRI is built upon a two-party patronage system that undercuts any meaningful institutionalisation of a joint administrative and security system. Public employment, access to government contracts, and positions in security forces are mediated by party-controlled channels.

Troublingly, the potential for conflict arises when one party impedes on the capacity of the other to maintain its patronage networks. Expectations that the current dip in oil prices will encourage political reforms are likely misplaced. Analysts have too often understood Iraqi Kurdistan through the lens of oil-based rentierism, despite the fact that previous dips in oil prices have never substantively diminished the capacity of the parties to maintain patronage networks.

In the absence of sustained pressure from the public or international community, the political order will continue to rest upon a two-party patronage system, leaving the region vulnerable to instability. Assessing Iraqi Kurdistan’s stability: how patronage shapes conflict. Download Statistics. Downloads Downloads per month over past year.

Iran: Two Kurds executed amid increasing use of death penalty as weapon of repression

Bureau of Counterterrorism. FTO designations play a critical role in our fight against terrorism and are an effective means of curtailing support for terrorist activities and pressuring groups to get out of the terrorism business. The Bureau of Counterterrorism in the State Department CT continually monitors the activities of terrorist groups active around the world to identify potential targets for designation.

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Background: Iraq has endured several conflicts and socio-political tensions that have disrupted its public health system. Nowadays, because health data are not collected on a routine basis, the country still lacks proper statistics and, consequently, response plans to meet present and future health needs of its population. An international partnership is developing in the Iraqi Kurdistan a Health Monitoring System with the aim of supporting evidence-based health policy decisions.

Methods: The pilot phase for assessing the feasibility of the programme was launched in In the implementation phase began. The first step was to choose the software platform and the coding system, as well as to identify the public hospitals PH and Public Health Centers PHC to be included in the e-health system. The staff of each center was trained in the use of the e-health system and in disease coding. Several seminars introduced regional and district health managers to the basic concepts of data-driven decision making.

Results: By September , 59 PHC and PH were entering data in the Health Monitoring System, while health operators medical doctors, administrative staff, nurses, statisticians, IT and public health specialists, pharmacists have been already trained. Currently, more than , disease events have been collected. Additionally, further medical doctors, statisticians, and health managers have been trained on the basics of public health practice.

The goal during the next 3 years is to reach operative centers within the region, envisaging a subsequent expansion of the system to all Iraq. Conclusions: The creation of a functioning health monitoring system is feasible also in regions characterized by socio-political tensions.

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It did not say how much it stood to lose as a result of the deferrments. DNO was not immediately available for comment. Iraq on Tuesday said the Kurdistan region was included in oil production cuts as part of an agreement between OPEC, Russia and other producers. Shares of Genel and DNO were up 3. Last week, Bloomberg reported that the Saudi oil giant had decided to stop investing in the project in the northeastern province of Liaoning, which was announced last year during a royal visit to China, in partnership with local energy companies.

The project in Liaoning province is in the design phase and we continue to work with our partners in China.

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He also said these measures will be announced later. After months of the coronavirus-related ban, Iraq will reopen its airspace for commercial flights on July The minister also said that the coronavirus-related ban on traffic between provinces in the Kurdistan Region will be eased, but did not specify when this will take place. The ban on travel between the Kurdistan Region and federal Iraqi provinces remains in place. However, Erbil governor Firsat Sofi recently announced that the authorities will allow people from the rest of of Iraq to visit Erbil after testing for the virus.

Travelers within the Kurdistan Region will need to apply for online permission in order to move between provinces, according to Ahmed. The ministry launched the online permission application on its website in March when the first cases of COVID were recorded. It has been deactivated and reactivated multiple times. Sulaimani governor Haval Abubakir told Rudaw that they will re-activate the online application system and the applicants will be answered within 24 hours.

The decision will be made by governor offices and not the interior ministry itself, he added. Most of the cases were from the capital city of Erbil, which has seen a significant rise in cases recently.

PM Masrour Barzani Speech

It extends from the eastern Pontus and Taurus mountains through the northern and central Zagros mountains to the Mesopotamian plain and is divided between the states of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The official names of most Kurdish cities and regions differ from their Kurdish names, e. Mahabad Sawj Bulaq to Kurds. The major regions shown in fig.

Do I need to obtain a residency card if I am a foreign citizen but I belong to a family from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq? If a Kurdish individual was born in the.

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