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A Comprehensive Guide to Quilt Labels

A lover of arts and crafts, Shasta Matova enjoys making artistic, applique, pieced, traditional, miniature, modern, and crazy quilts. Many people have purchased quilts at an antiques store or auction and wondered about the story of the quilt. They want to know who took the time to lovingly make a quilt. They wonder whether it is an antique quilt or a reproduction of one. They want to know where it was made, and why.

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As the number of Peer to Peer programs across Michigan grew, so did the idea of LINK t-shirts, personalized by students and school faculty. We want the quilts to travel all over Michigan and demonstrate the power of the growing network of peer support programs with administration, faculty, and students. When you receive the quilt, you will also receive a scrapbook.

We encourage you and your students to add a page to the scrapbook! We also want to see your pictures of the quilt! Send a picture of your students with the quilt via e-mail or tag us on Facebook or Twitter. Please note: We will do our best to accommodate any specific date requests for the quilt. Signing up below does not guarantee you will receive the quilt for your requested date. Address 2. Who is your RCN representative? Please note: We will try to have the quilt delivered via the RCN representative.

If that can’t be arranged, the quilt will be shipped. Additional Information. Fulton St.

log cabin quilt: signed and dated

A non-quilter here at work recently asked me about making quilt labels, and I showed her the basics. She was so excited about the simplicity of it all, and I realized that QM readers might appreciate these easy techniques. You must Register or Login to post a comment.

Baltimore Garden Quilts: Inking and Signing on Fabric – Continued Search the largest publicly held quilt collection in the world, dating from early to the.

This post may contain affiliate links. At a time when many loved ones moved away and seldom, if ever, returned home to see their families again, these quilts were precious keepsakes. They served as precious remembrances for those families who had only occasional letters to connect them with friends and relatives back home. Many lonely pioneer women living out on isolated homesteads cherished their signature, or as they were frequently called, friendship quilt.

Consequently, the special care these quilts received allowed many of them to survive today. For their owners, these quilts were reminders of times past when they lived among family and friends. As time passed, and loved ones were lost to illness or war, their names on a quilt became a even more precious. In its simplest form, a signature quilt is one that is constructed using a single pattern block with signatures of family or friends inked or embroidered on each block. They became particularly popular as gifts because they could be made easily from scraps so did not require a great deal of investment in materials.

It was obviously treasured by the family because it is in magnificent condition. Since those early days, signature, or friendship, quilts have been given as gifts by families and friends for special occasions, such as, graduation, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, and birth of babies. There are several variations of signature quilts, depending on function or type of construction, including:.

Album quilts, sometimes referred to as Sampler Album Quilts, date back to about the mids.

How to Sign a Quilt

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Date completed; Quilt piecer’s name; Quilter’s name (if different from Even if you’re not into labeling your quilt, at least consider “signing” it.

Quilters today are well aware that that they should label their quilts for future generations. But this was not always so. We are often disappointed when there is no way to discover who made the lovely quilt that we found at an antique shop or in our attic. Even with family quilts it’s sometimes uncertain who made a given quilt.

We have to rely on family stories where memory may be vague or even accept an “I just don’t know” from older relatives. The earliest signatures on needlework are seen on occasional sixteenth century tapestries and samplers. Most often these were simply initials not a full name. Most women of the past simply didn’t think that the everyday or even “for best” quilt they made was important enough to sign. Some even felt it would be too prideful to sign their quilt.

Labeling your quilt

Do you label your quilts? Quilters are on both sides of the fence when asked about adding one to their projects. Many of us have quilts that have been passed down through generations, most without any label or identifying marks. We store that nugget in our long-term memory and rely on verbal storytelling to keep that information flowing to the next generation. Labeling your quilt will help ensure that its provenance is accurate, which can add to its value—both sentimental as well as financial.

But it can also help identify a quilt in case of loss or theft.

Applique Angel. Join Date: Mar ; Posts: I only have one marker that’s actually for permanent quilt signing. I do have a package of.

Last week I finished the binding on a baby quilt—how satisfying! When you finish making a quilt or sewing clothes, do you sign your work, label it, or add a small sewn message? I know some sewists who make labels to put inside the clothes they sew. Others have their own ways of adding a logo or a patch, or stitching a name onto their handmade clothes or quilts. I like to think doing so will always remind the child, and its parents, that the quilt was made by me, with love. I walked away for a day, and when I came back, I agreed.

And ponder imperfection on another day…. Each issue has dozens of tutorials by talented designers. What about you? Why or why not? It is not because I think my quilts are so awesome, but because I SO wish my grandmother had signed all the quilts she made.

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Click here to read more. And we’re excited – we be Jelly Rollin’! If you’re looking Meet Maureen McCormick – designer, actress, home-renovator, gardener, crafter, quilter and a Moda Fabric designer. Lisa Bongean is the creative force behind Primitive Gatherings. This is how she turned her vision into a reality. The reasons range from being too busy to already having moved on to the next project.

Here’s some labeling inspiration. No matter what kind of label you put on your quilt, it should contain some basic information. When I entered my first quilt in our local guild show I was sewing down to the final deadline and the label was an afterthought. Some people use preprinted labels you can buy and fill in. She fills them in and attaches them to each of her finished projects.

You can also embroider a label. Janet Clare employs her mad machine embroidery skillz to create labels for her quilts.

Signature Quilts in the ‘Land of the Free’

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As I looked closely I could see that each square was signed with a different name​, The first of these Signature and Friendship Album quilts date back to the.

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Adding a quilt label is an necessary step in finishing a quilt. The simplest way is to take a fabric pen and sign your name directly on the quilt to add to a label, of course, is your name, and the date you finished the quilt.

The concept of this Wedding Guest Book Quilt can be expanded far beyond just weddings — this is a Memory Quilt set to capture signatures and well wishes! You could make one as a graduation gift, birthday present, retirement gift, present for a special teacher or mentor or coach, or for many other occasions! Really any important date involving a lot of people is a great reason to make a signature memory quilt. Regardless of your special occasion for making a signed memory quilt — I want to help you succeed in making it your own!

The first, arguably most important, step is to find a design and fabrics that fits your design aesthetic and the occasion itself. For the fabrics and colors of my memory quilt, I chose ones that went with my wedding color palette and also matched my home decor. My bridesmaids all wore varying shades of dusty blue and slate grey, so this set of coordinating solids was perfect: Kona Cotton Overcast precuts.

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Each well-wisher whose name appears on the quilt gifted a block an individual square of quilted fabric , but the identity of the skilled maker is still in question. We do know that the quilt was made in the Delaware River Valley and is dated September 15, a date of also appears on the quilt. Each block contributed to the quilt is different. To create bouquets, flowers were cut out from printed cottons, assembled into a design, and hand-stitched to the background fabric.

Signature quilts were made to commemorate an event such as a wedding, birth, or major move.

While there are obviously no hard and fast classifications, this list should serve as a decent rule of.

Do you sign your quilts? On the front or the back? Not at all? Some feel a quilt label is a record preserving the legacy of quilting, the history of a family, the journey of a quilter. Others feel the quilt must leave the hands of its creator and make its own way in the world with no mention of how it came to be. The information included here shares the ideas of these quilters, their advice, experiences, and ideas.

Looking for care information to include on a label? Take a look at these ideas. Looking for some premade labels? I use the business card template to print 10 generic labels at a time. My studio business name , name, city. When I label a specific quilt I add details quilt name, date with a Pigma pen. I sew the printed label to a rectangle of fabric to make a small frame, then sew that to the back of the quilt.

Safe keeping: Write the label information behind the label as well in case the label wears off.

How to Label your Quilts the Modern Way,or the Old Way

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